Yunogo Grand Hotel





Yunogo Grand Hotel

Outdoor bath

Outdoor bath
The open-air bath boasting of our hotel is a natural hot spring characterized by monument of masonry made from natural stone.
The open space is a relaxing space to heal the tiredness of the trip.
There is a separate outdoor bath for both men and women.
Bath time 15: 00 ~ 23: 00/5: 30 ~ 9: 30

Private bath

Private bath
There are two rooms for rental of the hotel.
"Musashi no yu" which receives energy from the strength of stone making
"Otsuu no yu" relaxingly surrounded by the kindness and fragrance of cypress
The private bath is not a hot spring but a herbal hot water. Please enjoy slowly.
Bath time 50 minutes ¥ 3,500 (excluding tax) Use hours 9: 00-21: 00

Stone sauna

Stone sauna
By adding heat to the maifan stone, it promotes perspiration by far infrared effect and warms the deep part of the body.
Furthermore, because more negative ions are emitted, the body relaxes with the far infrared effect and the negative ion synergistic effect, bringing various effects such as health, beauty, healing.
Available time 15: 00 ~ 21: 00
When using one person ¥ 2,380 (excluding tax) / When using 2 people Single person ¥ 1,428 (excluding tax)


Starting with seasonal seats using luxuriously used seasonal ingredients, the steak house with its popularity immovable in the hotel, and the Nagi beef tasting the local valuable worth of "Nagi Beef" at the meeting, the Yugo-gun Grand Hotel offers a variety of dishes We are preparing.
Please enjoy it according to the purpose of the trip.


There is a Japanese room 7.5 to 10 tatami mat room.
Room facilities: Toilet with washing, refrigerator, TV, telephone, safe (some with bath)
Amenity goods: Yukata, Half-board, Tanger (winter), Hair dryer (loanable), Shoehorn, Toothbrush, Face towel, Bath towel, Face & hand soap.


It is 12 tatami room with large Japanese style rooms.
Indoor facilities: bath, wash with wash, refrigerator, TV, telephone, safe.
Amenity goods: Yukata, Half-Tunnel, Tangere (Winter), Hair Drier (Lendable), Shoehorn, Toothbrush, Face Towel, Bath Towel, Face & Hand Soap, Shampoo Rinse, Body Soap.


Spaciously relax in a Japanese-style room with 7.5 tatami mats and a Western-style twin bed.
Indoor facilities: bath, wash with wash, refrigerator, TV, telephone, safe.
Amenity goods: Yukata, Half-Tunnel, Tangere (Winter), Hair Drier (Lendable), Shoehorn, Toothbrush, Face Towel, Bath Towel, Face & Hand Soap, Shampoo Rinse, Body Soap.

Tea / Lounge

Tea / lounge
Tea · Lounge "Grandrea"
Please enjoy delicious coffee and tea leisurely by watching the garden from the lounge at lunchtime.
In the evening, enjoy the karaoke and sake in the lounge where adult atmosphere drifts.


The lobby is made by imagining a creek and directs a moment of relaxation.
We are preparing a welcome service although it is restful at first with a relaxing sofa.
In the evening, prepare a little sweetness with the service, please come and enjoy it before you go to bed.


Japanese dining Ayaka who directs the blissful time to enjoy the taste of the four seasons of beauty works.
While relaxing in the modern Japanese space of calm tones, you can enjoy the seafood specialties of the hotel, the steak house with plenty of mountain suns and steaks with full volumes.


Musashi meal in 2F.
In the spacious space, you can enjoy the seafood of the hotel boasting of this hotel, the party with plenty of mountain favorites, the steak meeting with volume full score etc.


We are preparing a number of products including special products such as Okayama · Mimaku.
To families, friends, souvenirs for ourselves, etc. to travel memories. Please come and visit us.

Shuttle bus

【Reservation required】
Okayama station west exit - Yunogo Grand Hotel bus ride application is here.


Information on bus

We operate one round trip a day from Okayama station west exit. (Cancel holidays will be canceled from December 30 to January 2)
Please use for a casual bus trip.
(About one and a half hours each way)
fee 500yen / one way
(When using the Yunogo Grand Hotel)
*Usually 1,000yen
Okayama station west exit - Yugo hot springs arriving
15: 00-16: 30
Yuushi Onsen - arriving at Okayama station west entrance
10: 00-11: 30



Address: 〒 707-0062 Yosogo Misonaki, Okayama Prefecture 581-2
TEL: 0868 - 72 - 0395 / FAX: 0868 - 72 - 4433
Parking lot available (10 buses and 70 passenger cars can be accommodated)

About 40 minutes from Sanyo Expressway · Sanyo IC, about 8 minutes from China Miho IC
2 hours from Osaka, 2 hours from Kobe, 1 hour 20 minutes Okayama shi.


Visit by train
From JR Okayama station → JR Tsuyama station (about 80 minutes by Tsuyama line) → get off at JR Linno station (Hime shin line), taxi or hotel transfer (reservation required)

Visit by bus
Osaka - Misaki Inter: From JR Osaka Station (Sakurabashi mouth) by JR express bus · Shinki high speed bus about 2 hours 30 minutes.
Kyoto - Misako Inter: about 2 hours 30 minutes by JR express bus / Shinki high speed bus.
From Okayama station: Uno bus to Yu Town hot springs or Rinno station approximately 1 hour 50 minutes.


The township town has a glass workshop and a soil twist workshop where you can spot the Showa and you can experience handmade experiences reminiscent of the trip.
Because they can walk from the hotel, it is attractive to feel easy with walking sensation.
Also, if you extend your feet a bit with a car, even more seasonal tourism is enriched! There are fruit picking unique to "Fruit Kingdom / Okayama" and bamboo shoot hunting and wild vegetable picking that can be done because it is a rich natural place. In addition, firefly appreciation (firefly villa which you can walk) is in mid May and early June.

Poppy Springs

It is a hotel that combines Poppy Springs of Yunogo Grand Hotel Sister Hall, bed style room and Western style spa.